I'm a brazilian student, 21 years old. My hobbies are drawing, listen music and read good books. This blog will only show concept art, photo manipulations and some drawing that I did for fun.
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for recommending Manga Studio to me! It's an amazing program and it definitely has influenced my way of drawing things. Thank you! :3

Artists help each other right? :3

Glad I could help you!

#30min Challenge.Theme: Clock woman.
Otaku Lin-LanMade for the 30 minutes to draw challenge of facebook group called 2Minds Desafios.The theme I did pick was Rabbit Samurai. So I choose to draw my character from th RPG Legend of Five Rings, but of course made her as a rabbit.
Goddess Nut, the goddess of skys x)
Made for a 30min challenge from a facebook group “2MindsStudios - Deafios”. Their tumblr: http://desafios2minds.tumblr.com/
I used 20 min - still gonna refine.
WIP - dragons - Flight Rising